MODEL 2701

Modular Seating

Here at Concepts, we take pride in delivering and supplying the highest quality products to our customers.

Therefore, we are delighted to introduce this Hjort Knudsen range. Founded in 1973, the Danish family owned business is based on innovation and good craftsmanship.

The range is very versatile and all made to your requirements. All furniture comes in a range of sizes, fabrics and leathers.

We can’t wait to design your own Hjort Knudsen piece with you.


Introducing The 2701

Building Your Sofa

Height: 88cm Depth: 90cm

All sofas are built to your specifications in your own home. Individual seat sizes range from a width of 60cm to 120cm.
Recline function on any single seat unit (all materials) £400

Individual Sofa Units