Authentic Models Victorian Rocking Horse

Authentic Models Victorian Rocking Horse

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The classic rocking horse: no upper class children’s playroom was without one. Some were mounted on oval wood rockers, others on a ‘safety’ stand, where steel swings allowed for greater movement on a stationary base. Our iconic rocking horse is a full-sized reproduction of originals dating back to the 19th C. Hand carved in top quality mahogany. Hand made saddle and tack of real bridle leather.

The expert skills of wood carvers, cabinetmakers, and saddlers are evident. Hand finished in a warm and glowing French-style varnish, slightly distressed to make it look somewhat aged. A timeless treasure and a dream-toy for both boys and girls. Imagine its value in 50 years…

W 46.5cm x L 142.5cm x H 120.5cm